Is a good applicant also a good professional?

How to guarantee a fair and right evaluation of our applicants?

At RMS, it is our knowledge of positions we recruit for that allows us to evaluate candidates beyond their speech.

We build our interviews to assess the skills according to the position, but also to find out the soft skills and motivation of our applicants. To go further this prepared speech, digging into questioning about work and situations is our tool to get the candidates out of their comfort zone.

We also like role plays:  these exercises allow to discover the applicants’ real practice of the job and to monitor his adaptability.

Sometimes, in order to measure the precious learning and training potential of the candidate, we use personality Test AssessFirst which results are shared with the candidate.

Eventually, every recruiting experience is a lesson which enables us to continuously improve our recruitment methods.

Natacha Simeand,

Chief Talent Recruiter @RMSTalents