Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s certified!

To allow you to innovate in training field, RMS consulting can provide you a new weapon: Blended Learning Project Management!
Innovation has always been at the center of RMS’ values, and a major driver in all our projects.
In a retail field constantly fluxing, we are convinced that traditional training is not enough anymore.
It seems necessary to use new complementary pedagogical methodologies, which all have their own additional value.
– Digital:
  • E learning to transmit knowledge 
  • Capsules to empower and start the process of  change.
  • Virtual courses to exchange best practices within the trainees community
– Phone to answer to individual issues
– Traditional trainings:
  • In-house to deal with hard topics and objections
  • On the floor, to root the new knowledge
Managing these blended learning projects requires new skills and I am very proud to say that Axelle Paitre, the associated CEO of RMS, is now able to provide these skills to you.

Tempted by Blended Learning? Let her know!

Valérie Tallepied