The secrets of recruiting and building Millennials loyalty

Competent, motivated and loyal retail teams are the key to your network development. 
Millennials (up to 37 years old) represent the majority of retail teams. The Y and Z generations common grounds are mostly the coherence, the transparency and the freedom in their workplace. 
By analyzing their behaviors and levers of motivation, RMS identified the most accurate ways to recruit them and build up their loyalty, at least for the short term. 
The millennial revolution completely changed the recruitment process: nowadays, it is up to the recruiter to build the candidate excitement around a job offer! 
To make him choose this offer, he has to create a real human experience between himself and the candidate, two professionals who are equally important in the decision making process. 
Regarding the build up of team’s loyalty, the key words here are collaborative and personalized! 
The gap between the head offices and the stores has to disappear: we need to value the work done by retail teams, encourage their well-being, personalize Human Resources, create collective actions and projects…
The key actor of this evolution is the store manager who needs to become a real entertainer. 
Three priorities have emerged from our study: 
  • Inspire Millennials in order for them to join your teams
  • Introduce more collaborative management to put the stores at the heart of your organisation 
  • Train your managers on the 5 managerial postures
During the debate, retail decision-makers expressed their ideas on Millennials motivation and turn-over and shared the actions they implemented to deal with it. The executives from younger brands who attended our event have already implemented a more attractive recruitment process. 
However, the strong standardization and disempowerment process well known in the retail industry takes time to evolve and transform itself into a more up to date managerial standards. 
Let the retail teams express themselves! Your network will perform better!