Do you want to develop your personal and professional potential? 
Do you have a professional situation that needs to be resolved? 
Do you have the feeling that you are constantly experiencing the same type of difficulties in your relationships at work? 
Do you have doubts about your ability to take on a new position? 
Professional coaching will allow you to go further.

Our common goals 

To look at your world, your reality with new glasses.
To free yourself from beliefs and fears that limit you in the expression of your strengths and your potential.
Expand the field of possibilities and adopt new habits to guide you towards what you want!

We work together 

Coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the coachee. It is essential that you feel confident with your coach.

Certified Professional Coaches and having managed retail networks, our added value is our expertise in the fashion and luxury industry and our knowledge and understanding of different managerial and corporate cultures.

How does it work?

The coach does not provide advice to the coachee, but, through a collaborative process, helps them find their own solutions through powerful questions.

The coachee’s awareness evolves into solutions and an action plan that allows them to reach their goals and adopt a new outlook and new habits.

Example of objectives 

  • To assert oneself in one’s function
  • To take control of one’s professional choices
  • Strengthen your leadership
  • Balance work and personal time
  • Optimize my organization
  • Ensuring that I take up my position
  • Taking on a new position of responsibility
  • Improve the quality of your interpersonal relations
  • Develop your professional identity from expert to manager
  • Manage a professional difficulty or a slump
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Manage your stress