Managing diversity

How to manage cultural and generational diversity.

Training goals

Understanding cultural and generational differences and specificities Adapt your management and communication styles to your team's cultural and generational diversity  Better motivate and efficiently delegate to intercultural teams

Duration 2 days
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Educational content

  • Misunderstandings caused by cultural and generational differences
  • Understanding the Chinese culture and its motivators
  • Adapting your communication for a Chinese colleague
  • Understanding the Russian culture and its motivators
  • Adapting your communication for a Russian colleague
  • Understanding the Middle-Eastern culture and its motivators
  • Understanding the Y Generation and its motivators
  • Motivating your team
  • Delegating Motiver son équipe
  • Who to delegate to

Fares and other information

Fares 600€ excl.taxes / day
  • Possibility of financing by OPCA
Schedule 9:30am - 5:30pm
Contact 0177164681
Location 68, rue de Miromesnil, Paris 8

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