You are in the midst of a professional reflection, RMS puts all its expertise in the sector: recruitment, training and coaching to accompany you on the path to the development of your assets and the hunt for the best job.

RMS Consulting offers you an initial session during which you will discuss your professional aspirations, your questions and your skills. Following this session, your consultant will suggest the most suitable formula for your needs.



In accordance with the regulations of the skills assessment, RMS Consulting undertakes to carry out :

  • The process in 3 phases: preliminary, investigation and conclusion
  • The follow-up assessment at 6 months
  • The destruction of the notes and synthesis one year after the end of the assessment
  • The respect of the ethical and deontological charter of the French Federation of the Professionals of the Accompaniment and the Assessment of Competences

Our consultants are at your disposal to study together the needs in terms of disability compensation necessary for the successful completion of your skills development project.


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FAQ: all questions about financing

According to article L6313-10 of the French Labor Code, the purpose of the skills assessment is to allow "workers to analyze their professional and personal skills as well as their aptitudes and motivations in order to define a professional project and, if necessary, a training project".
The skills assessment is a way to take stock of one's career. The beneficiary defines a concrete and realistic professional project and develops an action plan to achieve it. They can then use their assets as a differentiating tool in their job search.
The main result of a skills assessment is the choice of a professional orientation that is coherent with one's profile but also realistic with the market. The beneficiary defines an action plan. From there, they take control of their professional life. Also, the skills assessment gives confidence and dynamizes their career.
The skills assessment is for any person, unemployed or working, who has already had professional experience.
The price of a skills assessment varies according to the offers we propose. These formulas have been designed according to the needs of the beneficiaries. During the first session, the counsellor will direct you to the offer that best suits your needs.
RMS Consulting offers you an initial session during which you will discuss your professional aspirations, your questions and your skills. Following this session, your consultant will suggest the formula best suited to your needs. According to the law, a skills assessment must be composed of three phases: the preliminary phase, the investigation phase and the conclusion phase. The preliminary phase: this phase will allow you to confirm your commitment, to define and analyze your needs with your coach. The investigation phase: this phase allows you to analyze your motivations and professional and/or personal interests, to identify your professional and personal aptitudes and skills. Finally, during this phase, you will determine with your coach your professional development possibilities. The conclusion phase: this phase lists the detailed results of the investigation phase, taking into account the factors that may or may not favor the realization of your project, and finally, to foresee the main steps for the implementation of your project. RMS Consulting offers to conduct a follow-up interview with your coach 6 months after the end of your skills assessment.
If you are considering a skills assessment, you should allow between one and three months depending on the offer that suits you. Offer 1 takes place over 4 sessions of 1h30 each, i.e. 6 hours of support. Offer 2 takes place over 10 sessions of 1.5 hours, i.e. 15 hours of support. Offer 3 takes place over 10 sessions of 1h30 and 8 sessions of 1h of support.
CPF: (https://www.moncompteformation.gouv.fr/espace-prive/html/#/) it is eligible for the Personal Training Account (CPF) and can therefore be paid for: in full by registering directly on the platform or partially with the possibility of co-financing by your company, a matching contribution from Pôle Emploi if you are a job seeker, or by additional financing of your own at your convenience.