Our training approach

We dedicate our retail and training know-how to cross-company and made to measure training sessions.

Deeply linked to the operational reality, cross-company training sessions will teach your teams new behaviours and skills. The attendees will benefit from RMS’s retail know-how and share their experiences with other retail professionals. 

Through our made-to-measure trainings, we design solutions that match your brand identity and address your brand challenges. 

Three complementary training tools:

     1. Group training sessions

  • Cross-company training sessions: à la carte group training sessions, individualized to each collaborator LIEN
  • Made-to-measure training sessions: specifically developed for your brand, with brand-aligned tools and that will address your retail challenges LIEN

     2. Follow-up on the field

     Extend your training session on the field: individual or group follow-up, skill application validation. 

  • Individually dealing with the attendee’s obstacles in a field situation
  • Following the individual action plans set up during the training session

     3. Learning communities 

     Through Whatsapp, your trained teams will be able to share their post-training session accomplishments. 

Our teaching method 

  • Our training designs combine trust building, awareness and discovery exercises, with role-plays. Our goal is to witness long term behavioural changes. 
  • Our participatory training sessions capitalize on attendee skills and knowledge, and enable them to share in limited sized groups: 4 to 8 professionals.
  • We prepare individual action plans at the end of every session: to validate knowledge, identify improvement areas and commit to concrete actions. 

RMS benefits

  • Trainer legitimacy: RMS consultants all benefit from operational retail expertise
  • Intense practices on customized case studies
  • Long term follow up of your teams


RMS trainings can be financed through Accredited Collecting Funds for Training.