Our training approach

We design and lead very operational training projects in order to bring new behaviors to your teams. They are developed according to your context, to the stakes of your network and regarding your brand identity.


We believe in blended training!

  1. Group training sessions
  2. Social learning
  3. In store coaching
  4. Digital training



The RMS benefits


Retail expertise

  • Innovative, simple and operational retail concepts.
  • The acknowledgeg RMS know-how to create training courses adapted to your brand DNA, your culture, your retail maturity, and your current stakes.

Educational engineerings

  • Dynamic and playful training courses, using blendedlearning
  • Personalized and concrete roleplays
  • Strong impact of the face-to-face training sessions thanks to the commitment of the attendees before the sessions and the follow-up after them.


  • All our trainers have an operational retail background
  • They are able expert in designing and rolling-out retail blended learning paths

Certifying ability

  • 1 CQPI on selling (1 to 5 days)
  • 5 certifying training courses on,store management, retail management and training trainers (4 to 8 days)

Results oriented

  • Significant and durable behaviors’changes
  • Steady follow-up of your teams in order to guarantee the implementation of the new know-how


Training fundings

RMS is an approved training institution, with N°0051524 datadock. You can also fund our training courses with the training plan of your company (with your OPCA). We also have certifying training courses, fundable with the personal training account of your collaborators (CPF).