CQPI “Advising and selling in store”

7 referenced groups of skills

  • Welcoming and approaching the customers in the store
  • Analysis of the customers’ expectations and offer the right product
  • Advising the customer relying on a product expert speech
  • Enhancing the merchandising
  • Dealing with customers complaints
  • Understanding KPIs to reach the targets
  • Inventory follow-up

Many benefits

  • Audit of your network level of skills
  • Homogenize your customer experience in your store networks
  • Acknowledging your teams skills
  • Rely on a project 100% fundable by French OPCA
  • Individualization of the training courses (training only on the not acquired skills)
  • Address the requirement to train (French IRP)
  • Promoting employer brand

An easy approach

  • Skills assessment (4 tools: candidate notebook, technical quiz, observation
    in working situation, final technical interview)
  • Training on the not acquired skills
  • Skills assessment during the training
  • Certification

Videos of the CQPI project with Hanes France

  • 90 certified collaborators in 2018

    In preparation