Store Management

In order to help you grow your store managers towards today's managers, RMS develops powerful educational programs, and especially in the two biggest retail levers: sales animation and in-store skills development.


All training sessions

Being a leader
  • 3 manager positions
  • Store development drivers
  • A store manager's missions and responsibility areas
  • Leadership and management pillars in-store
  • A manager's ambition for its store
  • Operating rules
  • The sales associate's mission
  • Positioning as a leader
  • Transmitting directions
  • Delegating in store
Being a manager
  • Learning your team's motivators
  • Using the simple keys of virtuous communication
  • Being factual
  • Active listening
  • Wanting to and knowing how to congratulate
  • Correcting helpfully
  • Pulling your team back into the lines
Being an entertainer
  • The managers 5 caps
  • Team Entertainment and performance
  • Entertainer’s posture
  • Entertainer’s tools
  • How to adapt to every profile of the team
  • The different types of meetings
  • Hosting a morning brief
  • Hosting a challenge
Hiring the right sales associates
  • Building a team
  • Defining a profile
  • Sourcing
  • The process and new rules of hiring interviews
  • How to approve skills
  • How to approve required qualities
  • Reference taking
Communicating with management
  • A store manager's rôle in the organization
  • Communicating with management and headquarters: the stakes
  • Building a weekly report to match management's expectations
  • Making a request to management or to headquarters
  • Preparing headquarters' store tours
Third party relationships
  • External relationships stakes and benefits
  • External interlocutors
  • The best position in any external relationship
  • Network development
  • Relationship sustaining
  • Which partnerships enable sales growth
Managing diversity
  • Misunderstandings caused by cultural and generational differences
  • Understanding the Chinese culture and its motivators
  • Adapting your communication for a Chinese colleague
  • Understanding the Russian culture and its motivators
  • Adapting your communication for a Russian colleague
  • Understanding the Middle-Eastern culture and its motivators
  • Understanding the Y Generation and its motivators
  • Motivating your team
  • Delegating Motiver son équipe
  • Who to delegate to
Loss prevention
  • Loss calculation
  • Loss prevention prerequisites
  • Better service is the key to prevent shoplifting
  • How to deal with a shoplifter caught red-handed
  • Preventing internal frauds: what warning procedures to set up
  • The key processes to get rid of administrative losses
Managing in a digital environment
  • The impact of digital tools on customer relationships and on store organization
  • Risks and oppositions
  • Digital tools and generational diversity
  • A new digital framework
  • How to blend digital tools in the customer relationship
  • How to blend digital tools in the store organization
  • How to develop the digital skills of your teams
  • How to manage teams in a digital context
  • Prepare teams and encourage them to concur
Being a sales coach
  • Analyzing a sale step by step
  • Mastering active listening and encouraging solution finding
  • Sales coaching methods
  • Different sales coaching types
Optimizing time and organization
  • Time and stress
  • The manager's tasks
  • Prioritizing and organizing tasks
  • Time management rules
  • Administrative organization
  • Delegating
  • Individual roles
  • Successful plannings
Managing store performance
  • Sales indicators
  • Identifying strengths and improvement areas
  • Looking for the root causes
  • Align tools and skills
Assessing a sales associate's performance
  • Individual performance analysis
  • SMART objectives
  • The 7 keys of virtuous communication: reminder
  • Preparing an individuel assessment
  • Monthly individual assessments
  • Yearly performance reviews