Social barometer

As a retail lab, RMS witnesses daily how much the team well-being in the store contributes highly to their motivation and to the quality of their service. 
Faithful to our mindset of research and innovation, we decided to launch our retail social barometer, in 2015,  based on the feedbacks of our retail community (both decision makers and actors of the industry) of approximately 10000 people. 
Therefore, thanks to our retail experience and to the representativeness of this sample, we have published, for two years now, the results of this annual study on the well-being in the stores. (lien?) 
These results have shown very clearly that the team well-being, prerequisite to their performance, is directly connected to the relationship they have with their manager and their colleagues. 
Are you interested in your team well-being? 
  • Ask them to participate in the 2017 study that we are launching in September! Contact: 
  • We will then be able to extract your results in order to analyze more precisely the drivers of wellness improvement (specific to your context and teams)
Do you want to have a more detailed and personalized study for your brand? 
  • We design made-to-measure social barometers, aligned with your DNA, brand history, company values, corporate culture and your level of retail maturity 
  • We offer concrete, realistic and functional action plans to improve the well-being, and consequently the performance, of your retail teams